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Dietary starch, in the form of corn and corn silage, are the most cost-effective ingredients in your ration. However, there is a limit to how much starch you can feed until rumen health is compromised. At this point, more expensive ration ingredients are needed to achieve your production goals. If your ration starch levels are maxed out and keeping you from making more milk, we have the solution.

What if it were possible to raise the starch ceiling? BactiSource is a nutritional technology that converts ruminal lactic acid into propionate. This alleviates the effects of excess lactic acid on rumen function. Even more importantly, greater amounts of propionate are produced by the rumen to drive the liver’s gluconeogenesis process, thus yielding more glucose to be used as energy for milk production. The conversion of propionate to glucose is the most efficient of all the VFA’s produced within the rumen. This increase in propionate is the driver behind the better production and improved yields. 


"We gained 4 pounds of milk without losing protein and fat, as well as an improvement in digestive health." 

 Lucky 7 Dairy
McBain, MI

"New feeder cattle ramp up to full feed faster, feed intakes are more consistent, and cattle are performing better."

Matlock Feeders
Sheldon, IA

"I have used Bactisource for months now and it continues to deliver some of the best ROI of any product I have tried."

New Alta Dairy, Pipestone, MN

Trials were conducted in the fall and winter of 2020, and spring of 2021. Cows were continuously fed for 28 days and production response was recorded at the end of the 28-day period. Results were compared to pre-trial base line level of production.

  • Manure changes were seen by day three, with less undigested particles passing through

  • Initial production response seen in 10 - 14 days, balance in weeks 3 and 4.

  • Production response was in direct relation to starch + sugar levels in the ration; with 31-32% being the point of greater response

  • The herd with the minimal milk response was a high fiber, low energy ration.

  • Several farms repeated the study on their own 2-3 times to confirm the initial results.

  • 100% of the trial herds continue to feed Bacti- Source today.

  • All of the Nutritionists that helped conduct the trials are using BactiSource on other high starch + sugar herds that they consult.

Additional Observations:








Delivering Measurable Performance.

Not all bacteria work the same. Most bacterial DFMs are designed to improve gut health and/or feed digestibility. While both are important, this can be difficult to quantify in a commercial setting.

The BactiSource blended technology has 3 distinct benefits:

  1. Creates more propionate that the liver manufactures energy for milk production.

  2. Reduces lactic acid levels, and increases rumen pH, which improves butterfat yield.

  3. Increases rumen microbial protein yield, which improves milk protein yield.

You can easily quantify these benefits by measuring both milk production and components, every single day. Push your production and take control of your components. Don’t leave milk on the table.

12 Herds | 27,494 Cows:

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